New website for IMA 2022 in Lyon

You can update your bookmarks with the website of the 23rd General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, to be held in Lyon, France during 18-22 July 2022:

The submission of scientific sessions and of geological trips is open and will stay open till July 2021. We cannot encourage you enough to submit proposals for scientific sessions, for satellite workshops, and for dedicated schools. For those of you and your colleagues with experience in the field, living in France and in neighboring countries, we also invite you to organize and submit proposals for geological field trips. They can all be done directly through the simple interface on the website. And please spread the word as much as possible around you! Our community needs us more than ever and our students need to participate, to exchange, to look for and to find jobs. For the moment it is too early to anticipate, but of course, we all hope that the sanitary crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic to be way behind us by that time. This would allow us to have a long-awaited in-person XXIII general meeting! More information will be posted on the official website in due time.

2022 is the year to celebrate mineralogy. It marks the bicentennial of the death of René Just Haüy (born 1743) who is a father of modern mineralogy and crystallography. Two centuries ago is also when Haüy’s Traité de minéralogie and Traité de cristallographie were published.

The 23rd meeting of the IMA will mark this celebration. In Lyon, we want to paint IMA 2022 with the colors of space exploration. Alongside the more traditional mineralogist, we want to inspire the new generation and make a step closer toward the final frontier. The meeting will bring together all the new facets of modern mineralogy; it will be the ground play where mineralogy as we know it will meet exploratory planetology, all to celebrate two centuries of mineralogy. IMA 2022 will be the conference of minerals and of space, with scientific sessions ranging from traditional mineralogy to planetary sciences, all organized under the “Mineralogy and Space” formula. This will be the common workplace for mineralogists to confer about the discovery of the latest minerals, about the properties of minerals, about analytical techniques, or about the roles of minerals in the modern society. Particular attention will be paid to promote discussions on societal issues by proposing transversal symposia and sessions to address current challenges in ores and raw materials, energy and environmental sustainability, health or cultural heritage. We will give time to explore other worlds of our Solar System. We will see the returns of the various missions exploring the surface or the interior of the other planets and moons, of planetesimals, asteroids and comets.

The overarching themes of the IMA2022 are: 

  • Mineral systematics
  • Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
  • Ores and Ore Mineralogy
  • Mineralogy and petrology
  • Planetary Mineralogy
  • Planetary Interiors
  • The Dynamical World Of Minerals

As usual, each session proposal will need to include a concise description of the scientific topic that presents enough arguments to show its timeliness and relevance to the field of mineralogy. The proposals will be focused on science and/or science policy. The Scientific Committee will judge all sessions proposals and will accept or reject each session proposal. Your submission will be reviewed carefully and you will be notified about its acceptance status latest in October 2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in good health in Lyon in 2022!