3. EMPG XIII Toulouse 11-14 avril 2010 (short report)

Dear EMPG participants

The EMPG XIII meeting is now over. We would like to thank you all for your
participation, the quality of the presentations and the active part you took in the success of oral and poster sessions. We all noticed the great attendance to the sessions even for the Wednesday afternoon with numerous questions for the last talk at 3 p.m. The success is also due to the quality of the chairs’ animation during the sessions; we thank them for it.

We wish to see you again in Kiel for the 14th EMPG conference.

J. Ingrin and the organizing committee


Attendance 201 abstracts have been submitted for the meeting and 165 participants were present in Toulouse. 12 nationalities in term of institutions were represented. A majority were coming from outside France (57%) with the largest communities coming from Germany (27%), Switzerland (9%), Russia (8%), USA (4%), Italia (4%)…
Participation of young researchers
More than 30% of the participants were PhD students. It is important that we continue to attract students and young researchers at their first-years post-doc level, as it shows the vitality of our discipline.

Publication in European Journal of Mineralogy

Some of you have already informed the orgnaizing committee that they will submit a paper in EJM following the EMPG meeting. Please send an e-mail immediately to Jannick Ingrin if you plan to submit a paper before the 15th of June. You should find below the details of the procedure: The European Journal of Mineralogy (EJM) will produce a special issue containing papers presented at the meeting. All submitted manuscripts will be subject to the normal, double review process of the journal. Please submit the manuscript (as a pdf file with numbered lines) either to the guest editor Jannick Ingrin or directly on the EJM manuscript submission system:
under the section ‘EMPG’.

Details for the presentation of manuscripts are available on the EJM home page (http://www.schweizerbart.de/journals/ejm).

Manuscript can be submitted at the conference or at the latest before June, 15, 2010. Earlier EJM EMPG special issues can be seen at:

lien: http://www.empg2010.com/