GEO-RAMAN Xth Meeting, 11-13 June 2012, Nancy


G2R and SFMC

11 th to 13 rd of JUNE 2012, Nancy (France)

GEO-RAMAN meetings are focused on the application of Raman Spectroscopy to Earth Sciences from the surface to the deep mantle and to earth materials used in cultural heritage. Such meetings are typically interdisciplinary and allow Earth scientists and Raman spectroscopists to present their latest results obtained in these disciplines and discuss transversally. Raman instrumentation and in situ experimentation are also a part of such meetings since this optical spectroscopy in a huge variety of environment including the exploration of planet of the solar system.

For the first time, an international school supported by the European Mineralogical Union was held. This is a response to the increasing use of this non-trivial spectroscopy in the different disciplines of Earth sciences facilitated by “plug and play” instruments whereas students in Earth Sciences have rarely the possibility to learn this spectroscopy during their education at the university

Financial support

In order to encourage the participation of students to the GEORAMAN
school, the SFMC offered three grants. Grants cover the 200 euros
registration costs and students became SFMC members for 2012.