3. EMU Notes in Mineralogy

New volumes in the EMU Notes in Mineralogy Series are available:

Vol. 8 (2010): Nanoscopic approaches in Earth and planetary sciences (F. Brenker and G. Jordan, editors) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-8.html)

Vol. 9 (2010): Industrial minerals: significance and important characteristics (G. Christidis, editor) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-9.html)

Vol. 10 (2010): Ion partitioning in ambient-temperature aqueous systems (M. Prieto and H. Stoll, editors) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-10.html)

Vol. 11 (2011): Layered mineral structures and their application in advanced technologies (M.F. Brigatti and A. Mottana, editors) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-11.html)

Vol. 12 (2012): Applications of Raman Spectroscopy to Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage (J. Dubessy, M.C. Caumon and F. Rull, editors) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-12.html)

Vol. 13 (2013): Environmental Mineralogy II (D.J. Vaughan and R.A. Wogelius, editors) (http://www.minersoc.org/EMU-notes-13.html).

These volumes are available to individuals at a cost of £25.50 from the Mineralogical Society’s online bookshop.